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DeepMind says its new language model can beat others 25 times its size

7 hours 24 minutes ago
In the two years since OpenAI released its language model GPT-3, most big-name AI labs have developed language mimics of their own. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft—as well as a handful of Chinese firms—have all built AIs that can generate convincing text, chat with humans, answer questions, and more.  Known as large language models because of…
Will Douglas Heaven

The employee-driven future

8 hours 54 minutes ago
The global pandemic accelerated the trend toward a work-from-anywhere, distributed workforce. As we approach a post-pandemic world, companies—and employees—expect this trend to become the norm. While IT departments are rapidly configuring and deploying devices, infrastructure, and software to support the shift in a secure and productive way, employees are likewise having to reset priorities and…
MIT Technology Review Insights

What it will take to unleash the potential of geothermal power

13 hours 47 minutes ago
There’s enough heat flowing from inside the earth to meet total global energy demand twice over. But harnessing it requires drilling deep underground and transforming that heat into a usable form of energy. That’s difficult and expensive, which is why geothermal power—sometimes called the forgotten renewable—makes up only about 0.3% of electricity generation worldwide.  Now,…
Casey Crownhart

A new NASA telescope is going to look at our galaxy’s most energetic objects

15 hours 47 minutes ago
NASA plans to launch a new x-ray telescope this week to help answer questions like what’s inside a black hole and how bright pulsars can get.   On Thursday, December 9, the agency will launch the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer, known as IXPE, on a Falcon 9 rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It will be the first x-ray telescope capable of measuring polarization, a property of…
Tatyana Woodall

Podcast: How AI is giving a woman back her voice

19 hours 57 minutes ago
Voice technology is one of the biggest trends in the healthcare space. We look at how it might help care providers and patients, from a woman who is losing her speech, to documenting healthcare records for doctors. But how do you teach AI to learn to communicate more like a human, and will it lead…
Anthony Green

Evolution of intelligent data pipelines

2 days 10 hours ago
The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) seems almost unbounded in its ability to derive and drive new sources of customer, product, service, operational, environmental, and societal value. If your organization is to compete in the economy of the future, then AI must be at the core of your business operations.  A study by Kearney titled “The Impact…
Bill Schmarzo

The therapists using AI to make therapy better

2 days 15 hours ago
Kevin Cowley remembers many things about April 15, 1989. He had taken the bus to the Hillsborough soccer stadium in Sheffield, England, to watch the semifinal championship game between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool. He was 17. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. The fans filled the stands. He remembers being pressed between people so tightly…
Charlotte Jee, Will Douglas Heaven

Why blanket travel bans won’t work to stop omicron

5 days 13 hours ago
Countries are slamming their borders shut again. Since the omicron variant was discovered in southern Africa and reported to the World Health Organization last week, more than 50 countries have imposed border controls. They target mostly South Africa and Botswana, which reported the first cases, but also neighboring countries in the region.  The aim was…
Charlotte Jee

We built a database to understand the China Initiative. Then the government changed its records.

6 days 13 hours ago
How we built it. What the Department of Justice changed on its China Initiative webpage. How our database is organized. Our transparency and conflict-of-interest report. Since the US government launched the China Initiative in 2018, the main source of information about it has been press releases on the Department of Justice’s China Initiative webpage announcing…
Eileen Guo, Jess Aloe, Karen Hao

The US crackdown on Chinese economic espionage is a mess. We have the data to show it.

6 days 13 hours ago
A visiting researcher at UCLA accused of hiding his connection to China’s People’s Liberation Army. A hacker indicted for breaking into video game company servers in his spare time. A Harvard professor accused of lying to investigators about funding from China. And a man sentenced for organizing a turtle-smuggling ring between New York and Hong…
Eileen Guo, Jess Aloe, Karen Hao

Renewables are set to soar

1 week ago
Construction of solar farms, wind turbines, and other sources of renewable power will soar over the next five years as nations set stricter climate policies and more ambitious emissions targets. New renewable electricity capacity will set another record this year, at 290 gigawatts, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency. That’s roughly…
James Temple

We won’t know how bad omicron is for another month

1 week ago
The discovery of the omicron variant of covid-19 in southern Africa shows how sequencing the genes of a virus can give an early alert to dangerous-looking changes in its genome. Omicron has more than 30 mutations in the important “spike” gene, some of which have previously been seen in other variants and are thought to…
Antonio Regalado

We still don’t know enough about the omicron variant to panic

1 week 2 days ago
The news: Just five days ago, South African scientists informed the World Health Organization that they’d identified a new covid-19 variant. The situation has escalated rapidly since then. The variant, known as B.1.1.529, has already been found in many countries across the world. On Friday it was designated a variant of “concern” by the WHO, which…
Charlotte Jee

Can Afghanistan’s underground “sneakernet” survive the Taliban?

1 week 5 days ago
When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in August, Mohammad Yasin had to make some difficult decisions very quickly. As the country reeled from the shock of the insurgent takeover, the 21-year-old—whose name has been changed to protect his safety—snuck into his small place of business and got to work.  He began erasing some of the…
Ruchi Kumar

NASA wants to use the sun to power future deep space missions

1 week 6 days ago
In August 2022, a NASA probe called Psyche will set out to explore a giant metallic asteroid called Psyche 16, to help scientists learn more about how planets form. The way Psyche reaches its target, though, will be different from typical NASA missions.   Building on technology used in previous missions, including Dawn and Deep Space 1, solar power will help propel Psyche into deep space. If that proves successful, it could be the start of a…
Tatyana Woodall
2 hours 7 minutes ago
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